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Patacancha Primary School Trout Farm

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Country Walkers has led customized walking tours since 1979, now visiting some 70 countries worldwide. They frequently give back to communities both on a small scale (donations to parks and museums they visit) and on a large scale – by sponsoring community efforts:

Here’s just one example that highlights Country Walker's sustainable practices:

Patacancha Primary School Trout Farm project in Peru: Country Walkers strives to preserve the environment and give back to the communities in each of the destinations we visit. We frequently give back to the communities we visit both on a small scale (i.e., local meals, donations to parks, museums, and cultural centers we visit) and on a large scale, such as sponsoring community efforts like the Patacancha Primary School Trout Farm project in Peru.

A sustainable trout farm project was conceived of and developed in the small village of Patacancha, at 13,000 feet in the Andes, with the ultimate goal of improving the academic potential and performance of its 134 primary school students by eradicating chronic malnutrition—thus its official name, the “Nutritional and Educational Improvement in Patacancha Primary School-Trout Farm Project.” In this village, which Country Walkers guests visit, the Alma Foundation established a trout farm on the school grounds. The fish raised here provide nutritious school lunches to the school children—in turn, this steady protein source has resulted in the multifold positives outcomes of decreasing malnutrition among the student population, increasing student attendance, improving student participation in the classroom, and laying the foundations for school- and parent-run micro-businesses. On the basis of its successful pilot year in 2012, for the future, the project is working toward self-sufficiency by producing its own trout food and trout eggs, which involves running a pellet machine and an egg incubator. The project integrates related administrative and micro-business training for parents to ensure the trout farm’s long-term health, profitability, and local control.

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