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JT Children Foundation
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JT Children Foundation provides services to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Tecpan and surrounding villages in Guatemala. The Foundation has established a Rehabilitation Center with medical, healthcare and administrative staff and offers medical and social services to poor children and other vulerable parts of the population.


The mission of the JT Children Foundation is to build a sustainable support system and coordinated community & family medical, physical, hygienic, nutritional and emotional place for children in need, regardless of disability or circumstance.

Currently, JT Children Foundation's four major projects are:

Project 1: Critical Surgeries

Magdalena Salvador, a 21 years old Guatemalan recently received a major surgery that revoved a large deformity on her back. The surgery cost $7,500 and was paid for in full by JT Children foundation. Now Madgalena requires another surgery to amputate her right leg and replace it with a prosthesis. The second surgery is estimated to cost $20,000 including orthopedic surgeons, hospital fees and an additional $2,000 - $3,000 for the new prosthesis.

Project 2: Specialized Care for Individuals with Hearing Problems

Through our initial census we have identified many individuals with hearing difficulties. Many of these people, if treated early, could be substaintially helped with proper care and therapy. The JT Children Foundation provides medical, psychological and special education to help prepare them to re-enter life with courage and determination, builds their self esteem and helps them to feel useful to society as a whole.

Project 3: Down’s Syndrome

JT Children Foundation provides physiotherapy to restrict the maximum development of the compensatory movement patterns that children with Down Syndrome are prone to develop.

Project 4: Overall Health Program During the year 2011-2012

The JT Children Foundation provides medical care, rehabilitation, psychological counseling, language skills training, and other services at our center for needy children and others from the Tecpan area.

A donation of $35 pays for a month of life altering therapy for a child. Even access to simple surgery to correct a deformed bone is out of reach for many families. Together, we can provide access to the quality care and support that they deserve.

JT Children Foundation is hoping to raise approximately $50,000 in order to add equipment, professional personnel, and othe resources to the center. These funds will purcahse:

*A Jacuzzi for physical therapy and rehabilitation, and installing a pool to enable hydrotherapies;
*New diagnostic equipment, including an X-ray machine;
*Separate administrative offices and living quateres for staff and volunteers;
*Specialized therapies and educational tools for those with hearing and speech impairments;

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