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Las Malvinas Garden Project

Sponsored by: International Expeditions -


ietravelLas Malvinas Garden


International Expeditions, the World Leader in Nature Travel, has spent three decades in the Amazon, developing deep relationships with the people who live so close to the rainforest. Now exploring more than 20 countries worldwide, International Expeditions remains dedicated to preserving the natural habitats of the places they visit and a passion for preserving and improving life for the people in those communities. Peru’s Las Malvinas Garden project is just one example of the conservation and education initiatives IE has helped to found and fund.malvinas garden

The Las Malvinas Garden is home to a working vegetable garden, plant nursery, medicinal plant garden and two turtle ponds. The garden consists of areas for planting tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and onions. The students will harvest the vegetables and fish for their own consumption and offer them for sale in the local markets.

Housed at a public school, the urban garden project is the centerpiece of an International Expeditions-funded environmental education program in partnership with the NGO CONAPAC, which IE helped to establish in the 1990s. Teachers use this outdoor classroom to teach environmental awareness, biology and language arts, and the garden is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum. There are over 1,000 students, with just over 500 students at high school age, who will be the primary users and benefactors of the garden. They will make practical applications of math and science; the creative arts, such as painting and drawing; and public speaking skills as they help direct garden tours.

Over the past year, there have been many milestones at Las Malvinas:

  • Two gardeners were hired to train and guide students in care of the garden plot
  • The garden has been planted, harvested and replanted
  • Students have gained understanding of crop yields, ecosystem interactions and garden maintenance

Donations to the Las Malvinas Garden Project support environmental education at Las Malvinas School. With support from donors, International Expeditions will expand the project to a local kindergarten and other public schools.

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