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Martha Honey, Ph.D., CREST's Executive Director, has written and lectured widely on ecotourism and certification issues. Her books include Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise? (Island Press, 1999) and Ecotourism and Certification: Setting Standards in Practice (Island Press, 2002). She worked for 20 years as a journalist based in East Africa and Central America and holds a Ph.D. in African history. She was the Executive Director of TIES from 2003 to 2006.

David Krantz is CREST's Washington Coordinator and is facilitating a variety of the center's projects. David’s background includes work as an international trade paralegal, in hospitality management at a DC hotel, and over two years of experience in adventure and ecotourism in the developing world as he backpacked through South America, Eastern Europe, and Southern Africa. Prior to joining CREST, David coordinated environmental conservation initiatives in the tourism industry with Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. He holds aMasters of Tourism Administration from the George Washington University.

Catherine Ardagh is CREST's Washington Program Associate . She is a graduate from McGill University where she acquired her BA in International Development Studies and Geography. While at McGill, Catherine pursued independent research in the field of ecotourism and poverty alleviation, and participated in seminars on ecotourism and sustainability. Catherine first became interested in responsible travel while on a study abroad program in Ecuador, where she worked for a grassroots Ecuadorean NGO in establishing a rural community-based ecotourism program. After one year of living, working and traveling throughout South America, she became committed to promoting a kind of tourism that benefitted – rather than harmed – the communities where it took place.

William Durham, Ph.D., CREST's Director at Stanford, is the Bing Professor in Human Biology in the Department of Anthropological Sciences, and the Yang and Yamazaki University Fellow. Co-editor of The Social Causes of Environmental Destruction in Latin America (Michigan, 1995), Bill has particular interest in ecotourism as a means to address conservation and development issues in Central America, the Amazon Rain Forest, and Galapagos.


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